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Love in every stitch -tilkkutyönäyttely

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Quilt exhibition from Nordic Crafter

”The works presented here (2017–2022) reflect a journey of a self taught quilter. I explored various machine or hand piecing techniques (traditional piecing, foundation paper piecing, applique, English Paper Piecing) and color gradulation through different fabrics (Marimekko, Liberty Tana Lawn, upcycled denim etc).

My quilts always have a lot of negative space and I conquer it on a domestic sewing machine. I find free motion quilting (fmq) to be the most fascinating stage of quilt making as it completely transforms flat surfaces and allows you create secondary designs with just a needle and thread.”

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Irina Malyukova

Irina Malyukova

Irina is a textile artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She has been quilting since 2014. She also designs patterns and has a blog at, where she shares her knowledge and expertise with fellow quilters. Her works have been exhibited both in Finland and abroad. In September 2022 she had a personal exhibition at European Patchwork meeting in France. She is a member of local quilt guild Syyrinki.

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