Sharing the joy of sewing

Ommel - a stitch in Finnish

Ommel ry (registered association) was formed in 2017 and it is a non-profit common-good association. The purpose of Ommel ry is to advance sewing and to support the communal aspect of it as well as to promote Finnish textile design both nationally and internationally.

Both private citizens and entrepreneurs in the field of sewing are welcome to join, and the goal is to organize various events based on sewing and fabric design.

Ommel ry was founded by the entrepreneurs behind PaaPii Design, Käpynen, i k a s y r, Neenuska, Vanja Sea and Nuppu Print Company.

The board members of Ommel ry

The board of Ommel ry is comprised of sewing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Finnish craft & design fair in Tampere in mid November.

In the period November 2022 to November 2023 the board members are

    • Johanna Riskilä
    • Olga Weckström
    • Rávdná Valle
    • Meri-Ellen Pystynen
    • Daria Virrankari
    • Paula Kallio-Oksman
    • Toni Korpikannel
    • Anne Hentunen