Ommel 2019

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Dream Circus / ehta

Dream Circus / ehta
Welcome to the circus of your dreams! We are Dream Circus Ltd from Northern Savonia, a beautiful part of Finland, and we have reserved front row seats for you at our show. The star of our show is ehta, a fashion brand that breathes Finnishness, authenticity and originality. The Finnish word ehta translates as ‘genuine/authentic’. Our products carry the Key Flag, Design from Finland and D.O. Saimaa labels.
Our fabrics are always manufactured to our designs and exacting standards in Europe. Our fabrics are organic cotton. The factories we use carry the ├ľko-Tex and GOTS labels.
Our prints are playful and fun. Dressmakers who rely on our fabrics have fallen in love with their quality and the prints, which range from colourful statement pieces to stylish Scandinavians designs.
Our fabrics are mostly elastic cotton/elastane knit and sweatshirt fabrics that are durable in daily use, wash after wash.

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